B2B Ecommerce Platforms

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B2B Ecommerce Platforms Can Act As The Back Bone To Your Business

There are many options when looking at platforms for your B2B ecommerce infrastructure. The key to choosing the correct platform is to work out exactly what you want from the software and how integral the addon pice of software will be to your business processes.

  • Is it purely an ecommerce website you require?
  • Do you wish to manage stock and pricing through your site admin?
  • Do you wish manage logistics through the admin area?
  • Does your B2B ecommerce website need to integrate into ERP systems, CRM's, Accounting packages?
  • Do you require Trade Portals and invoice reconciliation?

As you can see there isn't a one size fits all, which is why our bespoke solutions are so important to you and your business.

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WordPress & Woocommerce B2B Ecommerce

WordPress has been one of the most popular content management systems for many years and there expansion into ecommerce through their Woocommerce feature kit has support ecommerce website builds of all shapes and sizes.

Woocommerce is a very stable ecommerce engine and can be adpated for trade based ecommerce websites. The flexibility built into the WordPress and Woocommerce platforms creates a robust B2B ecommerce platform that is both feature rich and can lend itself to most business setups.

As the software is also open source (can be used and edited by developers) it can be integrated directly into your back end systems, making a very valuable asset to get you selling online.

Ultracommerce B2B Ecommerce

Our 2nd platform is Ultra commerce. This is a dedicated Enterprise level system, designed to facilitate complex setups and business architectures. This API first system is extremely feature rich and coupled with a headless CMS, which gives you site speed, operational flexibility and full integration and management into pretty much any system, to build a full scalable B2B ecommerce eco-system.

The Headless CMS allows the backend admin and management system to integrate into any front end website content management system, meaning you can enjoy beautiful and functional ecommerce website designs whilst have a back end management system that can adapt to even the largest ecommerce infrastructure

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